We are an experienced and dedicated team of creators, storytellers and marketers.


Modamedia is passionate: we love what we do, and work to build
success every day.


Modamedia is driven: hard work and
dedication are the twin principles that guide our initiatives and


Modamedia is experienced: our
clients benefit from a well-rounded team with decades of experience.

Jennifer Bulotti

Jen Bulotti believes that creative, consistent and quantifiable plans are key in building a successful market strategy. Fun Fact: When she isn’t collaborating with celebrities and C-suite execs, Jen runs a nonprofit, 3Strands Global, to combat human trafficking.

Kathi Bacon

Kathi keeps us on track and within the rails to ensure all programs are executed to perfection, within budget and on time. Fun Fact: Kathi wrote a motivational book that was featured on The Today Show.

Kale Mendonca

Kale consistently delivers extraordinary, custom-crafted designs driven by campaign goals in mind. Fun Fact: Kale is Modamedia’s MacGyver. He is never without handy tools, which is both convenient, but sometimes concerning.

Every brand has a story.

We are brand storytellers.

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