We are an experienced and dedicated team of creators, storytellers and marketers.


Modamedia is passionate: we love what we do, and work to build
success every day.


Modamedia is driven: hard work and
dedication are the twin principles that guide our initiatives and


Modamedia is experienced: our
clients benefit from a well-rounded team with decades of experience.

Jennifer Bulotti

Jen Bulotti believes that creative, consistent and quantifiable plans are key in building a successful market strategy. Fun Fact: When she isn’t collaborating with celebrities and C-suite execs, Jen runs a nonprofit, 3Strands Global, to combat human trafficking.

John Johnson

John designs and implements the latest in website and interactive technologies, melding beauty, brand and functionality. Fun Fact: John is a former amateur break-dancer (just ask his sister, Jen).

Alex Lauderdale

Alex creates and edits all writing content, while collaborating with clients to develop creative and effective results for their brand. Fun fact: Alex enjoys long-distance running and consumes an excessive amount of pizza.

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We are brand storytellers.

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